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Imagine this scene in your minds, readers. A young child is assembling his favourite superhero collectibles on a showcase with so much happiness. They stay an integral part of his life and even when he becomes an adult he looks back at his collectibles series fondly. This is an important perspective to consider when we think about the collectibles market. 

Pop Culture can be understood as a confluence of thoughts, ideas, images, and attitudes that become the chief characteristics of a particular culture. The thoughts and ideas are adored by the mainstream population, sometimes achieving cult status. The most popular categories of pop culture are cinema, sports, and politics. In every lifetime, some people or events forever epitomize a moment in time. Whether it defines an entire decade or one poignant turning point, these emotions will be linked in our collective psyche to a specific time and place in our shared history. It allows us to relive those unforgettable moments of music, entertainment, art and current events, often in a very visceral way. The Pop Culture collectibles market is perhaps our most emotional, evocative category. Each pop culture category gave rise to its superstars, trends and unforgettable imagery. Pop culture collectors are some of the most passionate we’ve seen.

Popular culture is about movies we watch, the art we make and that is presented to us, and comics that inspire children and adults alike. Popular culture has a great influence on bringing people together over shared values, beliefs, and perspectives. A lot of owners of book shops and entertainment stores talk about how people get into intense conversations about comics or immediately relate to their favourite superhero as a sculpture or souvenir that represents their shared love for an object and event. Current social and political circumstances also change our perceptions and the leadership that we adore and look up to.  Clubs, events, cinema, and media serve as important mediums of propagation of popular culture out of which an integral part is icons that we love and are inspired by. 

Collectors of pop-culture-based merchandise, look at them as an integral part of their lives and each purchase is a lot about the emotions associated with their favourite character or icon. Collectibles form an integral part of a fan’s life. From conversations, coffee tables, office cubicles, and display cases, figurines of popular heroes and villains of movies, comics, video games, and anime have become the soul of fandom for a long time. A figurine (a diminutive form of the word figure) or statuette is a small, three-dimensional sculpture that represents a human, deity, or animal, or, in practice, a pair or small group of them. Figures with movable parts, allowing limbs to be posed, are more likely to be called dolls, mannequins, action figures; or robots if they can move on their own. 

Figurines and collectibles of their favourite characters are either irreplaceable memories of their childhood or sources of inspiration they constantly hold on to through their adulthood. Characters from Marvel and DC movies like Batman, Iron Man, and Captain America are inspiring, larger than life, and will remain in the imagination of a collective society for a very long period in their lives. 

In India, the growth of pop culture has been phenomenal and each purchase represents nostalgia and the formation of a beautiful community that is formed about their common love and adoration for a particular movie, franchise, revolutionary, or leader. A lot of branded memorabilia have started to penetrate the market through online websites and retail stores. It is this high level of engagement, both online and offline, that has helped pop culture events and content build highly-dedicated fandoms in India. 

The collectible series outside India focuses on superheroes, comics and anime characters who are quirky, creative and inspiring. SILAII looks to spearhead a collectibles series that is grounded in the socio-cultural and political landscape of our country where our leaders, revolutionaries, shape-shifters and icons are the larger-than-life superheroes who have drastically brought about awareness, change and development in our society. SILAII is at the forefront of instilling and creating awareness of collecting as an important hobby and passion which gives people the unlimited joy of owning sculptures and memorabilia that mean a lot to them. Every human being has an icon, personality, spiritual figure, or an individual who has deeply impacted their lives and made a difference in their ideology, perspective, or their way of life in totality. SILAII strives to make every picture or memory, belief, value, artefact, or person into a sculpture or a souvenir that will last for a lifetime, filling lives with nostalgia, an abundance of love, and inspiration. 

SILAII helps every individual find the sculpture of their choice and their liking can be due to a fascination for the icon or an inspiration that will last inside them for a lifetime. We have brought forth the novel idea of curating collectibles of icons who are deeply loved but have very few memorabilia to be cherished. We portray a collection that ranges from revolutionaries, politicians, scientists, and activists who have made a huge difference in our society and are celebrated collectively for their wisdom, compassion, and undying perseverance to make a difference in the world. 

The best part of being a patron who collects sculptures from SILAII is that there are a lot of icons that people tend to choose together based on the synchrony in ideology and beliefs. Sometimes it can even be a personal memory that they share with their beloved source of motivation which is reflected in their sculpture as a symbolic representation of the glorious life the icon must have led. Many of our patrons buy sculptures of Periyar, Ambedkar, and Karl Marx together as a manifestation of the respect and love they have for the icons and their shared ideologies. All three leaders advocated for freedom for oppressed sections of society and worked tirelessly for the upliftment of the marginalized and neglected individuals. 

There has been an interesting incident of our patron buying almost all our sculptures as soon as we launch them on our site due to his unbound regard and love for our sculptures, the icons as well as the technical brilliance behind the making of each sculpture. SILAII is a community of enthusiasts who are part of an important ecosystem of collectors who spread the joy that they receive through buying sculptures to their close ones by gifting them!

- Dr Krithika A

June 23, 2022 — SILAII Sculpture


Eli Richardson said:

I visited my brother last weekend and talked about how we’d like to start collecting figurines from our favorite childhood TV shows or our favorite car models. It’s interesting to know about how collecting collectibles affects our culture, so I think my brother would enjoy reading your article as much as I did. Thanks for the insight on how collectors choose different types of collectibles.

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