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The Roles and Responsibilities of the Retail Marketing Manager includes

1.Retail Marketing Strategy:

- Develop and implement a comprehensive retail marketing strategy aligned with overall business goals.

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure marketing efforts complement sales and operational objectives.

2. Campaign Planning and Execution:

- Plan and execute integrated marketing campaigns for retail promotions, product launches, and seasonal events.

- Coordinate with vendors, agencies, and internal teams to ensure seamless campaign execution.

3. In-Store Merchandising:

- Develop and implement in-store merchandising strategies to enhance the customer shopping experience.

- Collaborate with the visual merchandising team to create compelling displays that drive sales.

4. Customer Engagement:

- Implement customer engagement programs to build brand loyalty and drive repeat business.

- Utilize customer data and insights to personalize marketing initiatives.

5. Market Research:

- Stay informed about industry trends, competitor activities, and customer preferences.

- Conduct regular market research to identify opportunities for retail marketing innovation.

6. Promotional Events:

- Plan and coordinate promotional events and activations to drive foot traffic.

- Evaluate the success of events and make recommendations for future improvements.

7. Budget Management:

- Manage the retail marketing budget effectively, ensuring optimal allocation of resources.

- Track and report on the ROI of marketing initiatives.


- 4 - 7 years experience in Marketing.

- Experience in Planning and Executing BTL Marketing.

- Responsible for Budgeting and scheduling Weekly and Monthly activities.

- Experience / knowledge in Planning for Events / marketing activities.

- Experience in marketing strategy and Problem Solving.


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