Kangayam Kaalai Life Size Sculpture

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We, the team of SILAII with great enthusiasm and honor present to you the indigenous and most majestic breed of a bull in India, the Kangayam bull which is said to be among the world’s most beautiful in terms of form and temperament. The bull is used for various agricultural purposes in the southern state of Tamilnadu and is known for its sturdiness and insurmountable capacity to withstand heat and other forms of climatic extremes, and is gifted with high resilience and is disease resistant. The cultural exaltation and pride associated with the legendary bull-taming sport called Jallikattu as the Kangayam bull as it's a hero and this sport-inspired a revolution to protect indigenous breeds for the upliftment of the diary, agricultural and cattle industry and for the protection and preservation of our beloved savior, the indigenous bulls.


Size: In Feet

Height: 5.4 Feet

Width: 7.4 Feet (without Tail)

Width: 8.5 Feet (with Tail)

Depth: 1.8 Feet

Weight (approx): 30 to 35 KG
Material: Stone Powder with Resin
Color: White

SUNDAR PRADEESH - Artist & Sculptor

Since arriving on the scene in memory, from my childhood I learned to capture and intrigue the art community with my beautiful artwork. I gather much of my inspiration from personal tales, the environment, and the cultures around my village. I made them into art from my own life experiences, which has led me to work as a member/leader in a group of artists and Sculptors to assist with specific works.



It's my dream project about sculpting a life-size bull. Sculpting a bull is not that much easier, it's a long journey. I studied a bull for about one year, I tool photos of bull directly to the respective places where a life stock is found. Then started preparing a good process like building armature by welding, binding it with ropes and net and then it started with clay modeling.


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