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Content Creation
Full time

The Roles and Responsibilities of the Content Creator With Video Editing Skills

  1. Conduct professional photoshoots, particularly product photography, capturing the essence of SILAII sculptures.
  2. Produce high-quality video content including product hands-on experiences, concept-based videos, and event documentation.
  3. Edit both photos and videos to create engaging contents, including selecting music, color correction, and graphical enhancement.
  4. Create motion graphic videos of products, incorporating details, information and showcasing our sculptures.
  5. Direct and produce concept-based product shoots.
  6. Understand audience demographics and marketing needs to create impactful videos.
  7. Organize shoots, including arranging lights, props, and camera equipment.
  8. Manage and maintain camera and equipment.


  • Experience in professional photography, especially product photography and Proven experience in videography.
  • Strong understanding of audience engagement and marketing strategies.
  • Strong skills in color correction and video aesthetics.
  • Excellent organizational skills for shoot preparation.
  • Proficiency in camera management and equipment care.

Minimum Experience : 4 Years


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