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for a journey with SILAII

We're looking for motivated individuals who are excited to join our team and grow with us.


SILAII is an art-based industry that creates high-quality sculptures
using a combination of traditional sculpting techniques and modern
technology. With a focus on emotional appeal and artistic excellence,
SILAII aims to bring people's memories and values to life through their

At SILAII, we believe that every individual has an icon,
personality, spiritual figure, or someone who has deeply impacted their
being and made a diference in their ideology, perspective, or way of
life. Our vision is to make every picture, memory, belief, value,
artifact, or person into a sculpture or souvenir that will last a
lifetime. Our mission is to be the platform where individuals seeking to
purchase sculptures, souvenirs, or murals can find the ideal space
serving a healthy dose of inspiration and inexplicable emotions. SILAII
works towards being the perfect medium for providing souvenirs of
memories, beliefs, values, and icons that serve as a constant reminder
for inspiration and pride.

If You're Passionate and Interested, SILAII Welcomes You To Join Our Team!!