Note: The Cost For Custom Sculpture Starts at 80000 INR for 8 Inches, 1,20,000 INR for 1 feet and 3,00,000 INR for 2.5 Feet and goes higher based on the size and Volume. Kindly Contact +91 98840 88804 for more details or Fill in the Enquiry Form below to get a call back.

Customizing Inexplicable Emotions and Warmth through Sculptures

Sculptures have greatly transformed the landscape of arts and society at large. Sculptures fill us with ardor, passion, a bundle of sentiments, and excitement. Custom Sculptures has been an arena that has been explored in detail in the following article and on how SILAII customizes sculptures, infusing them with an abundance of love and accuracy.

The Beautiful Synchrony between Memories and Sculptures:

                         “Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.”

Memories are the treasure trove of our lives that we truly cherish. Reminiscing mesmerizing memories of humans that we deeply love, admire, and are inspired by have mainly happened through photographs. Charting an innovative path in redefining the aspect of fostering memories, is making Custom sculptures of the humans that we wish to keep with us for a lifetime, instilling in us a plethora of emotions and sentimentality.

Sculptures have the magical ability to capture and restore a moment or a person, giving us the opportunity of a lifetime to forever relish in the beautiful instances that a person shares with someone they love and care for deeply.

The Grand Legacy:

     “Legacy is not leaving something for people, it's leaving something in people.”

History is replete with instances of ancient kings who wished to immortalize their rule had statues made in their likeness, and in doing so, they led to the beginning of portrait sculpting, an art that continues to thrive with sculptures being made of various famous personalities, leaders, and stalwarts as a way to honor their legacy.

We all have humans in our lives who have deeply impacted us in every walk of our life and have left an unmatched legacy. Our close ones like our parents, friends, partners leave an irreplaceable legion of adoration and inspiration in our lives, and making custom sculptures of them profoundly illustrates the importance of these individuals in our life, proving to be an everlasting souvenir.

Breaking Barriers:

Beautifully crafted Custom Sculptures of your preference can adorn your home, providing a surreal experience and propagating our motto that sculptures can be present in all our homes, busting the notion that sculptures can be only present in public exhibitions or displays, and that sculptures can only be made of famous personalities.

SILAII in the Forefront:

SILAII serves as the forefront for customized sculpture making with immense precision and clarity, radically transforming the landscape of gifting and collection of souvenirs with top-notch professionalism and brilliance.

SILAII has extensive experience in the field of making custom sculptures and has done various amazing projects to our credit. I will detail to you the beautiful journey, technical brilliance, and process that take place in making a custom sculpture through two clients who had custom sculptures done through us:


The sculpture of late Mrs Rajya Lakshmi Mauvri, who is deeply cherished by her son and his family was recently crafted to perfection by SILAII. Mr Mauvri Tirupathi Reddy, the son of Mrs Rajya Lakshmi Mauvri was deeply attached to his mother and after the demise of his father developed a beautiful and inexplicable bond with her. The abundant love and compassion that his mother had towards him, helped Mr.Mauvri Tirupathi Reddy reach the pinnacle of success. He recounts that SILAII has given back his mother's warm smile and helped him cherish the blissful memories he shares with his mother. Custom sculptures of remarkable individuals help their close ones cope with loss, relive worthwhile memories and treasure the fondness that the clients have towards their deceased loved ones.

Custom Sculpture

Mr.Aathmanadhan was deeply loved by his family and friends. On his demise, his daughter-in-law wanted to have a sculpture made of him to eternally preserve the memories and remembrance of his journey and life as well as provide the sculpture to Mr.Aathmanadhan’s son on his birthday. A technical difficulty that we faced during this process was that we had just a single straight face photo of Mr.Aathmanadhan. But SILAII was able to pull off this feat with the help of our talented sculpting team that put their heart and soul into the project. The Daughter in law wanted to keep the entire project a secret and provide a surprise to her husband on his birthday and the team of SILAII coordinated with her to keep the entire project under wraps. When the sculpture was gifted to Mr.Aathmanadhan’s son, he was happy beyond measure and was moved to tears looking at the magnificence and nuance of the sculpture and the entire surprise.

Custom Sculpture

 Mr. Ezhilarasu aka Rajamani was a great patron of Tamil Literature and had stitched a Tamizh Letter on all his caps that he wore. Being an ardent follower of the Dravidian movement, he was deeply moved and emotional beyond words when his grandson gifted to him a sculpture of Kalaignar Karunanidhi by the SILAII Team. On his demise, his grandson wanted to keep alive the soulful connection that we shared with their family, we had created custom sculptures keeping his unique style intact and reflected unique aspects of his being through sculptures. The sculptures were appreciated by his family and were a great testimony to our professionalism and technique.

These instances are a glimpse into the expertise that SILAII is capable of and we hope to provide custom sculptures that encompass our patrons with warmth and lifelong happiness.


Vishwaraj said:

I need a customize sculpture for my beloved Chittappa he was passed 5years back he is a great warrior for our family business.

வேலவன் said:

தலைவர் பிராபகரன் சிறுத்தை யுடன் உள்ள வடிவம் வேண்டும்…

Rameshkumar said:

I need lord nandhi & Nataraja statue


Your contact address and watsapp number please

Natarajan said:

I want வேளாண் விஞ்ஞானி நம்மாழ்வார் SILAII Sculpture

Karuppaiya said:

I Need MUTHARAIYAR Statue 10 inch

Senthil Ayyanar said:

Sir, I need silai of Mr. Thangapandian ex minister, kindly inform me what is the cost.. My contact number 9626798534

Jagatheshbabu said:

I need Kamadhenu cow silai

Madhan said:

Kindly share the quote for minimum Inch

Chetan Nag said:

I need a 5-inch sculpture of my Mother in Law who passed away recently. I can be contacted at 9480427805. Please quote the price. If the sculpture comes out well, I may order around 10 pieces

senthil said:

i need my father sculpture .pls share more details. my mobile no 9941824155

Gurunath Malvekar said:

I want my mothers sculpture, she is passed away in 2020, please share details on 9930016041

Varun kvg said:

I want dheeran Chinnamalai gounder statue with ‘KONGU’ written in it

Sridhar said:

How much it will cost for 5 inches ramanujar silai.

Meenakshi Sundaram said:

I want V.O.Chidambaram Pillai statue. Send price details. Mob:8939169623

Meenakshi Sundaram said:

I want V.O.Chidambaram Pillai statue. Send price details. Mob:8939169623

Karthi said:

Amma silai Pannanum sir


I want my company logo.I’ll send the logo.How much it costs to make regular size bust

dheena dhayalan said:

I need my Guru ji statue, how much could you cost for 5 to 6 Inc?

Atheesh RK said:

I need the custom sculpture, please provide the further details.

Kishore said:

I saw. All your work it was mind blowing,one request Ambedkar,periyar, both in one inches it’s good 👍 try it.

Dr Sreenivasarao Surisetty said:

I want to convert my father pic into statue form..
Please send me the details…
My mobile no..7013184817

Sharath said:

Do you do 5 inch sculpture wat will be the cost

Shesamalini said:

Can you customise bhagat singh 8 inch bust?

Vignesh said:

I need the custom sculpture, please provide the further details.

Britto said:

I need it for my grantfather …

Saravana said:

I need a thiruvalluvar statue made in black stone for my indoor courtyard in Madurai tamilnadu. Kindly ping me for further discussion in my email id or contact me in my whatsapp number +65 91095043

Deva said:

My appa silai senji vanum

Harish Kumar said:

I need my mother sculpture … Kindly quote Inch wise…

Prashanth said:

I want to mother marry silai

Shanmuga Dinesh said:

I saw. All your work it was mind blowing.
What is the rate for customised Salai.
Please let me know the rates I need one for my parents.

Shyam said:

I need to sculpt my father who had passed away in 2012 pls send me the Details and we shall proceed

Vamsi said:

Can you please advise how much would cost for 5 or 6inches sculpter of our family who left us.

how is the picture quality you need?

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